Захватывающее приключение Кролика Питера Эмма Томпсон The Spectacular Tale of Peter RabbitЕжевичная поляна на русском языке Джилл Барклем
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Duchess read the letter and wrote an answer:

—"I will come with much pleasure at a quarter past four. But it is very strange. I was just going to invite you to come here, to supper, my dear Ribby, to eat something most delicious.

"I will come very punctually, my dear Ribby," wrote Duchess; and then at the end she added—"I hope it isn't mouse?"

And then she thought that did not look quite polite; so she scratched out "isn't mouse" and changed it to "I hope it will be fine," and she gave her letter to the postman.

But she thought a great deal about Ribby's pie, and she read Ribby's letter over and over again.

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